BC Communities Unite Around Coalbed Methane Action Plan

A coalition of citizens’ groups has launched a province-wide campaign around a five-point action plan they say could end the current stalemate on coalbed methane development.

“Across B.C., coalbed methane projects are being delayed or stopped by local conflict because residents lack confidence in the province’s approval process and regulations,” said Ted Ralfe, spokesperson for CCCBM-East Kootenay. “The action plan we’re proposing is a way to restore public confidence and create a more certain investment climate for companies.”

The coalition, Citizens Concerned About Coalbed Methane, released its five-point plan on a new website, www.concernedaboutcbm.org. The plan, “Building a safe future for CBM,” calls for the following –

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Coal bed gas exploration will proceed, minister says

Groups attack B.C. approval of southeast drilling

By Scott Simpson

Calls for a moratorium on coal bed gas exploration in southeast B.C. were rejected Wednesday by Energy Minister Richard Neufeld.

Environmental groups, and the provincial New Democrats, are attacking the government for an announcement last week that while it’s imposing a two-year moratorium on Shell Canada’s coal bed gas drilling in northwest B.C., it is simultaneously allowing BP Canada to proceed with drilling in the southeast.

The northwest moratorium was praised, the southeast decision condemned.

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Concerned Fernie Citizens send a strong message to the BC Government "We are CBM Free"

Days after BP was awarded tenure for their Mist Mountain coalbed methane (CBM) project near Fernie in B.C.'s Rocky Mountains about 150 concerned residents took to the streets to show there disappointment in the BC government's recent decision to grant BP a 300 sqKM tenure for their Mist Mountain CBM project.

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Sad day for wildlife as Province gives BP key to the Elk Valley

Meanwhile, Shell is shutdown for two years in northwestern B.C. for further community consultation

Fernie, B.C. — The multinational oil corporation BP has been given the go-ahead to develop coalbed methane in a 300-square kilometre stretch of Rocky Mountain wilderness west of Fernie, the B.C. government announced today

In brokering the deal with BP, the B.C. Liberals ignored concerns from the local community and the City of Fernie, who strongly oppose CBM in the the Southern Rockies region without further review. (See backgrounder attached.)

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Water expert raises alarm about coal-bed mining

When John Stockner talks about water, people listen.

Dr. Stockner, now retired from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, is one of Canada's most eminent scientists in the field of limnology, the study of lakes and other fresh water.

More than 30 years ago, he did groundbreaking research that allowed DFO to boost sockeye productivity by fertilizing nutrient-starved lakes in British Columbia.

Dr. Stockner was among a small group of scientists who first realized that the harvesting of adult salmon on the West Coast was robbing lakes and rivers of annual injections of marine nutrients.

Instead of decomposing after spawning and thereby releasing phosphorous and other valuable nutrients into the water, the bodies of the salmon were going off to market.

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Concerned Citizens Tell Premier we don't want CBM

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